HerdMaster is a full herd management system for PC and mobile. As well as meeting all your legislative needs, such as calf registration and Bord Bia/Department of Agriculture inspections, it has a big focus on improved farm profitability in terms of beef margins, milk production, breeding data, fertility improvement and much more.

It links the farm with all the key national organisations such as ICBF, Agfood and Teagasc. It links farm data with marts, meat factories, weighing scales and much more. It works with detailed smart phone software that allows key data to be viewed and record, fully offline, while outside.

AgriNet have been providing herd software on phones and tablets since 2006. If you are looking at an animal in a field or shed, it is possible to view all relevant data for this animal so that informed decisions can be made right away. A wide variety of data can then be recorded on the phone.

There is no extra cost for existing dairy and dry stock clients. The smart phone software works fully offline and only requires a connection when the “Connect to Server” option has been selected. All data is stored on the AgriNet server in the event of phone damage or loss.

The herd is started on AgriNet electronically using data from the ICBF and agfood.ie (Department of Agriculture). This means that very little data entry is needed to get the herd started correctly. Data can be updated on an ongoing basis from agfood and ICBF.

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Calf Registration

AgriNet have been registering calves by email to the Department of Agriculture for 13 years. In 2013 this email system was replaced with a new web service link that sends the calf birth data direct from HerdMaster farm software to the agfood Department database. You get a real time feedback immediately if there are any problems with calf data (eg sire ID wrong, too many twins, etc). In one screen you can see a list of all recent calf registrations and movement permit requests.

Movement Permits

You can pick calves and request a movement permit for them. You get real time feedback if there are any issues with the calves not being eligible to get a permit (eg missing herd test). When a permit is issued it is emailed by the Department of Agriculture direct to your email software. You just print it off and sell the animals.

Farm Inspections

Herdmaster contains a Department of Agriculture approved bovine herd register. You can use this as your register or you can select Agfood as your register. There is a report called “Herd Register” that contains the herd register plus all the animal remedies for a Department or Bord Bia inspection. All the data for the inspector is in one place. The animal remedies can be recorded on the Smartphone or the PC.


Extensive use is made of ICBF data when starting a new client and also for updating data as time passes. This includes milk records, EBI, plan bull records, classifications, pedigree data and back ancestry. All this data is visible also on the Smartphone app. AI technician serves and weights can also be loaded from ICBF.

All required data can then be sent back to ICBF. The animal events exported to ICBF are: Calve, Castrate, Die, Dry Off, Diagnose, Heat Noticed, Mastitis, Preg Test, Run bull, Sale, Serve AI, Serve Farm Bull, To Cull, Wean, Weigh. If you record these events on your phone or PC they can all be sent to ICBF electronically.

When calving a cow, if you put a pedigree name on the calf, the next time you send data to ICBF, you will get a pedigree cert for this animal. (Note: The Smartphone has a nice system to make sure every new pedigree name is unique and has never been used before).


For beef finishers there is an excellent reporting area that allows you to monitor performance of past animals and make plans for current beef animals.

Herdmaster allows you to:

  1. Allocate feed to a group of beef animals
  2. Import weights electronically
  3. calculate desired target heifer weight based on her breed, month of birth, month of first calving and desired weight for calving down
  4. manage all data entry for the original Suckler Cow Scheme


Milk recording data is available from ICBF and is used extensively in a number of reports. You can quickly sort cows, and filter cows, based on monthly milk recording results such as yield, fat, protein, SCC, etc.

For years the AgriNet HerdMaster software has had a very good milk quota calculator which has helped many clients avoid super levy fines. It has proven to be very accurate.

The health analysis report presents summarises all data entered during the last year and allows a user to quickly count animals with specific problems.


HerdMaster has a range of reports in the area of fertility management and fertility problem solving. The first report area contains the simple action lists, called “Due to Reports”. These include due to calve, due to dry, due a 1st serve, due to repeat and due a pregnancy test. These are available on the Smartphone also.

The AgriNet HerdMaster software has included a lot of options to shortlist animals with potential fertility problems that need to be examined by yourself or your vet.

AgriNet HerdMaster has a very detailed report for fertility analysis, this can help identify reasons for poor fertility performance.

HerdMaster breeding analysis report focuses on bull selection, EBI reporting, inbreeding checks and plan bull records.


The sheep section is built around the National Sheep Identification System (NSIS). A considerable amount of management functionality has been added to NSIS to maximise the management benefits of tagging sheep. It allows you to maintain a Department Approved Flock Register. You can do an end of year flock reconciliation to identify sheep with missing tags. Sheep can be recorded as missing as well as died or sold. A report is available to crosscheck the flock during the reconciliation process. As sheep are tagged, full detail is provided on tag colour, ear to be used and recording of tags of origin and tags removed from the right ear. All data can be entered in batches for speed of data entry.


For dairy, beef and sheep farmers with a tillage enterprise on the farm, the AgriNet software provides a tillage solution both from a field management and a financial management point of view.


When the nitrates directive was introduced, AgriNet spent a lot of time building a nitrates and REPS section in the software. This area works very well and it implements the nitrates directive from A to Z.

It calculates stock numbers and nutrient production from farm animals and allows for animals that are out for B and B feeding as well. It literally counts up each day’s N and P contribution from each animal for each day of the year that this animal is on the farm.

Data Links

Links to Factories

A number of meat factories can email you the results of the kill when you send a batch of animals to the factory. The factories are ABP, Dawn, Liffey and Kepak

Links to Marts

Most marts can email you a file with all the transactions with that mart. Any animals bought or sold will be included with all relevant data such as animal ID, breed, sex, value, live weight, and so forth

Links to Scales

The software links to a range of weighing scales, SR300, XR3000, EziWeigh, Gallagher and Digi-Star. We can send animal data down to scales (if the scales is able to receive data) and we can upload all weighs electronically from the scales if the scales has it's own computer. As soon as the weights have been uploaded the Beef Analysis report pops up and is a good place to view reports on average daily gain, etc.

Links to Parlours

In the parlour link, you can export animal events to a milking parlour. The events that are transferred are Calve, Heat, Serve, Pregnancy Test, Mastitis and Dry Off. You can also import milk yield data from the milking machine in to HerdMaster. It is also possible to send drafting instructions to the parlour.

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