This grass software for phones and tablets is a tailor made mobile companion to the very successful and popular web based grass system at AgriNet. There is no extra cost for existing AgriNet grassland clients. The Smartphone software works fully offline and only requires a connection when the “Connect to Server” option has been selected.

Timely recording

Each day you can record grazing dates as they happen, as well as pre and post covers. This means that grazing dates are already entered by the time you do your next farm walk. It also means that you can track area grazed accurately on your spring and autumn rotation planners.

Each week when you walk the farm, the covers, as well as grass quality comments, can be recorded on to the phone. The phone will do the plate meter calculations, if you have a simple low cost plate meter, and it will also do the cut and weight calculations, if you want to check your eyeballing accuracy. As covers are entered you can see growth data for each paddock.

Before the covers are uploaded, the different stock demand data on the day of the farm walk can also be recorded as well as the milk bulk tank data (if this is not coming electronically from your co-op). Fertilizer applications can be recorded and uploaded to the main system later on.

Use data each day

The “Planner” on the phone is a simple but effective way to make daily adjustments to your weekly grazing plan. Click on a paddock in the planner to select a paddock as Next, Next+1, Next+2, etc. The phone can then calculate the number of hours that each paddock will last. This is a good way for you to check that your grass covers and demand data are being estimated correctly. As paddocks are recorded as grazed out, they are marked as grazed in this Planner. The Planner also knows the likely opening cover of each paddock based on the most recent cover measured and the number of days before this paddock will be reached. All this means that you are getting daily use from your grass data.

Save office time

After a farm walk just use “Connect to Server” to upload all the data to the main system. There is no time spent doing data entry in the office at all. You can then immediately use the interactive reports such as the Grass Wedge, Grass Budget, the Spring and Autumn rotation planners, to make informed decisions about the overall plan for the week to come.

How to use

  1. Open the browser on your Android or Apple phone or tablet
  2. Open AgriNet website
  3. Select “Grass Mobile” option
  4. Select “Set Username” option to set your AgriNet username and password
  5. Select “Upload / Download” and “Connect to Server” to exchange data with the server
  6. Save bookmark to this site for easier access each time