AgriNet have been providing herd software on phones and tablets since 2006. If you are looking at an animal in a field or shed, it is possible to view all relevant data for this animal so that informed decisions can be made right away. A wide variety of data can then be recorded on the phone.

There is no extra cost for existing dairy and dry stock clients. The smart phone software works fully offline and only requires a connection when the “Connect to Server” option has been selected. All data is stored on the AgriNet server in the event of phone damage or loss.

Events recorded

Animal events that can be recorded are Calve, Heat, Serve, Scan, Condition Score, Cull, Illness, Treatment, Drugs, Weighs, Deaths, Sales, Comments and Dry Offs. If you get a new prescription from a Vet the purchase of this drug can be recorded on the phone as well as the animal that got this drug. Batches of animals can quickly be batch dosed or vaccinated with multiple drugs.

All events for an animal are visible in one list, in date order descending. Clicking on any event will drill down to get all detail for this event.


For dairy animals you can view all EBI and milk recording data, both recent monthly milk recording results plus completed 305 and total values for all completed lactations. For example, you can view all fat and protein data for all lactations for all current dairy animals. You can see EBI data for all your stock and drill down to get all the EBI sub-detail.

There is a summary screen where you can view a summary of the fertility situation for each breeding female, eg days calved, days served, when due to dry, when due to calve, etc. You can see a summary of pedigree data for each animal such as pedigree name, dam, sire and dam sire. Any plan bull data for the breeding season is also available.

The phone software would be a particularly good way to record heats noticed prior to the start of the breeding season. This can then be used to identify non-cycling cows and also to anticipate next heat dates.

Beef data

For suckler cows you can view the performance data of all progeny born to each beef cow. For beef animals and replacement dairy heifers you can view details of their weight performance. For bought in beef animals you can view purchase details, days on farm, etc. You can quickly see animals in retention for drugs. There is a very efficient way to quickly record live weights and view ADG before the animal leaves the scales.

List reports

There are a range of fertility list reports such as due to dry, due to calve, cows that need to be served, breeding females in order of days since last heat or serve, etc. You can also list the herd in a number of other useful orders such as jumbo tag, official tag, pedigree name. You can use a filtering system to shortlist the current herd by date of birth, lactation number, days on the farm and more. Just clicking on an animal in these list reports allows you to drill down in to more detailed individual animal reports and also to quickly start doing animal event data entry.

Drug records

There are a number of ways to speed up the recording of animal remedies. For a single animal record the number of times a repeat will be done. Or use the “QuikDrg” system to copy animal remedies records forward from another animal that had the same health problem just recently. You can batch dose all animals in a group, eg cows or yearlings or calves, etc and you can record the purchase of drugs on to the farm as they happen. During a farm inspection it can be handy to be able to bring up drugs records for any animal for the farm inspector.

Save office time

A big advantage of the Smartphone herd software is that you need to do very little office work for herd management. Most data can be recorded on the phone outside and there is no need to keep coming in to the office looking for data for individual animals. Office time can then be allocated to more production jobs like doing farm accounts, cash flow planning, grassland planning or analysing herd performance on fertility, production, beef margins, nitrates planning, and so forth.

How to use

  1. In HerdMaster, select “To Smartphone” to send data to the AgriNet server
  2. Open the browser on your Android/Apple phone or tablet
  3. Open the AgriNet website
  4. Select “Stock Mobile” option
  5. Select “Set Username” option to set your AgriNet username and password
  6. Select “Download Herd” and “Connect to Server” to get data from the server
  7. Save bookmark to this site for easier access each time