AgriNet HerdApp

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Manage your farm efficiently & improve profitability with

AgriNet Herd App

  • Simplify the way you work
  • Ensure Bord Bia drug compliance
  • Data syncs with ICBF & Agfood


  • Register calves
  • Request movement permits
  • Record drug administrations
  • Monitor weights
  • Record breeding and dry off information

...and much more, while on the move


Mobile App

AgriNet Herd App

  • View all jobs to be done and quickly drill down to get a list of animal details

    The job list automatically update using information recorded on other HerdApp screens

  • View a selection of animals in the herd and quickly look up herd data, including cows due to calve, due to dry, due to serve, due to repeat dose, EBI, Eurostar and more

  • Check the history of events for an individual animal

    HerdApp allows you to quickly flick between event data, milk recording data, fertility and beef animal data

  • Register calves in real time from the calving shed to Agfood

    Track when calf cards arrive in the post

    All sires recorded on HerdApp are validated in real time with ICBF

  • Request movement permits from the yard using HerdApp

    Movements out of the yard are automatically updated from ICBF

    Quickly move animals between different feed

  • Accurately record all drug administration quickly and easily

    All drugs used in HerdApp are validated using a live link to ICBF

    For easier inspections, see what animals were

  • HerdApp helps you keep track of your upcoming jobs and when they should be done

    Record job descriptions, safety notes and completion notes

  • Record heats, serves and pregnancy tests - Job list, animal report and herd report will automatically update

    AI serves with an AI technician will automatically sync from ICBF

    AI/Breeding function is free thanks to sponsorship by Progressive Genetics
  • Easily record and check all beef cattle and replacement heifer weights

    HerdApp calculates the target weight and tells you whether a dairy heifer is on target to calve down at the correct target calving rate



Responsive Website

responsive website

You can do all your work on the phone - no need to use a tablet or a computer.

However if you like using a large screen, Agrinet HerdApp uses PC screen space intelligently to display more data and give you more options.

Use HerdApp for desktop



Data sharing and data security

One phone can manage multiple herds

A herd owner can share data with other users

All data is stored on the cloud so no need to worry about data backups



Getting Started

On your phone click on either of the 2 app store icons below

On your PC click on

Follow the steps presented.

If you need help contact, 046-9245118 or 046-9249964

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