AgriNet HerdApp Compared to Competitors

AgriNet have been providing farming software since 1994. Over the last 25 years we have gained invaluable industry knowledge which lead us to design this app to fit your farming needs.

As you know yourself, keeping track of all kinds of information for each cow is integral to good farm management practices and AgriNet HerdApp allows you take these notes in an efficient and simple manner while you’re on the farm. It presents the information to you in a clear and concise way so that you can make well informed strategic decisions.

You can filter through your cows and look for any particular information that you made need all in a second for example, due to dry cows, drugs given, withdrawal dates, due to calve, non-cycling reports, SCC reports, submission reports. If you milk record, those results will appear automatically on your herd app and you can see clearly which cows have a high scc. You name it, it’s on AgriNet .


AgriNet HerdApp pricing stops at €250 per year including VAT no matter how big your herd is. HerdWatch charge nearly double this price PLUS 21% VAT while they’ll tell you to farm smart.

Have a look at these comparisons as of 21/12/2020:

  1. AgriNet: €60 for 60 cows per year inc. VAT

Herdwatch: €313.56 for 60 dairy cows + 21% VAT = €379.40 per year

2. AgriNet: €250 for 250 cows per year inc. VAT

HerdWatch: €358.56 for 250 dairy cows per year + 21% VAT = €428.85

3. AgriNet: €60 for 60 cows per year inc. VAT

HerdWatch: €178.56 for 60 sucklers per year + 21% VAT = €37.49

See what farmers who have switched to AgriNet HerdApp said here.

“Tried the rest settled for the best!”

Clear, concise lists allowing you to take action when necessary, record keeping made simple by AgriNet HerdApp, designed by farmers for farmers to help you revolutionize the way you farm. Download the app now and get your free one-month trial.

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