AgriNet HerdApp, less cost, more power

Less Cost. Agrinet HerdApp pricing starts at only 60 Euro including VAT per year for herds of 60 animals or less. Pricing stops at €300 per year including VAT no matter how big the herd is. Have a look at these annual cost comparisons versus a competitor (21/12/2020)

60 animal dairy herd
Agrinet HerdApp €60 Competitor €506

250 animal dairy herd
Agrinet HerdApp €250 Competitor €578

60 animal suckler herd
Agrinet HerdApp €60 Competitor €385

Note: All Agrinet HerdApp farmers get the same level of functions and service.

More Power. Agrinet HerdApp has a primary sync on ICBF so you will start off with more data. We all know that compliance is needed and HerdApp does this very well. But HerdApp also has a range of powerful and useful functions not available in other apps.

  • More actions lists in the Jobs area
  • Stock analysis reporting
  • Calving pattern reports with drill down for each week
  • Fertility analysis
  • Select animals with a variety of health and production problems
  • Selective dry cow therapy is done in great detail
  • Farm diary
  • Great ability to drill down from one report to another, and animal to animal
  • Extensive reporting on milk recording for dairy farmers
  • Imports milk data from your dairy company
  • Heifer weight targets

Considering moving over to Agrinet HerdApp but not sure about how to move your data? No problem. It’s simple. All of your ICBF and Agfood data will automatically download on to HerdApp when you connect your herd.

As for your drug remedies, purchases and feed all you have to do is simply download that data into a CSV file and keep it on hand for the inspector.

Still not sure? Contact the support team and we will help you make the move in minutes! Learn about making the move to Agrinet HerdApp here.

 See our pricing page here.

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