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herdapp update May

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May was a super busy month at AgriNet and we're excited to show you what we were up to.

Finding what works takes trial, error, and optimism for what’s possible. Read on to check out our most recent HerdApp release, see how one farmer used HerdApp to farm better, plus a link to the real reason why you should milk record explaining how HerdApp can be used to make the most of milk recording results.

Keep it lit

You can now opt to keep the phone screen from turning off when in HerdApp. All you have to do is click the settings button on the bottom of the home screen with the yellow button.

Extra clarity: You get a confirmation message now after saving a batch of new data.

The Moves area has been split into different tabs; one for each movement type.

Easily filter through any data

We revamped our filter feature to make it even easier to filter through animals based on drugs administered recently and notes entered about an animal or a group.

Also, a new lactation filter has been added to the fertility report.


The Golden Button

Did you know you can use this search button to find any report or function? 

Search stock reconciliation to get your stock numbers for your accountant or profit monitor.

Are you looking for something about one animal? Everything about an individual animal is in ‘animal reports’, just search their tag number.

Update your HerdApp!

To get the new update of HerdApp, simply go in to your app store and click update.

Herdapp update


Click here to read about the new EU legislations for mandatory milk recording coming into play in 2022 and how HerdApp can be used to decipher the milk recording results for good decision-making.

Click here to read about using HerdApp for recording fertility and setting targets for 2022.

Please feel free to get in contact with our support team if you would like to see a feature added to HerdApp or need help with any aspect of HerdApp or compliance.

If you are considering moving over to AgriNet HerdApp, give us a call and we will accommodate the move. It’s easier than you think!

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