AgriNet HerdApp: The Only Farm App to Buy

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AgriNet Herd app is the most beneficial and fairly priced farm app in Ireland. Pricing is based on the average stock number for the year with a minimum annual charge of €60. For a herd of 60-250 animals it will cost €1 per additional animal up to a max of €250 per year. This includes VAT. For a herd with more than 250 animals it will only cost €250 per year including VAT. You won’t be charged more than this with the AgriNet HerdApp.

These fees include quality customer care support, 24/7 online/offline access, encrypted data transmission and storage, automatic data backups, a livelink to the ICBF and AgFood and it can be used by multiple users on multiple devices, on a phone or computer.

HerdApp also has a range of powerful and useful functions not available in other apps.

  • Stock analysis reporting
  • Calving pattern reports with drill down for each week
  • Fertility analysis
  • Select animals with a variety of health and production problems
  • Selective dry cow therapy is done in great detail
  • Smart Farm diary
  • Great ability to drill down from one report to another, and animal to animal
  • Extensive reporting on milk recording for dairy farmers
  • Imports milk data from your dairy company
  • Heifer weight targets

There’s no other farm software app comparable to the HerdApp really; which offers a dynamic dashboard tailored to your needs, superior features to any other farm app out there and is by far the most fairly priced.

Click here to see pricing comparation with competitors.

You are guaranteed that no other farm software out there offers empowering features like AgriNet HerdApp.

Download today and get the first month free to see if HerdApp suits your farm management software needs.

Learn about new EU legislations in 2022 for Milk recording here.

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