AgriNet HerdApp Update

Information and Direction

Get the right data at the right time to make the right decisions using HerdApp

With new EU legislations coming into place, looking closely at your herd is more important than ever. Our latest updates ensure that HerdApp makes compliance and farm management as simple, convenient and intuitive as possible.

TB and Brucellosis test dates

Reminder: HerdApp now loads a herd profile from Agfood which includes the most recent TB and Brucellosis test dates.

Open Moves from main menu and click on a Sale group in the Permits tab.

Return and Non-Return rates

Return and Non-Return rates are now in the Fertility tab of the Overview area.

Drill down to see the animals in each category.

Suckler Cow and Calf Report

Suckler cow and calf report added to Lists in Herd Reports.

Recording Dates

Record a drug admin on a future date.

Record a ‘meat withhold’ for ovines.

Go to Manage list of drugs and click Edit.

Update your HerdApp!

To get the new update of HerdApp, simply go in to your app store and click update.

Herdapp update

Download and start using AgriNet HerdApp today!

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