AgriNet HerdApp Update

april update

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We're back with a load of new features and integrations. Using HerdApp has never been easier.

When it comes to integrating your herd management with HerdApp, the simpler the better. So, we improved HerdApp’s design and simplified your experience making everything easier to manage, quick and even more intuitive.

Sheep and Equine

Now you can easily keep up to date with compliance for sheep and horses. Simply enter animal remedies into HerdApp and you will be ready for inspections all year-round.

Colour scheme

Enjoy the neat look of your HerdApp; clear buttons and icons. The new colour scheme and icons make it easy to use HerdApp wherever you are on the farm.

Jobs list

Easily see what jobs are due to be done. Never let a cow slip under the radar again by keeping all of the team informed. Set HerdApp to Dairy or Beef. Set your own criteria or use ICBF recommendations.

Coming soon....

We will be adding new tutorial videos to our youtube channelThey will short and concise to show you how to use HerdApp to its full potential.

As always, we are grateful to our loyal HerdApp users and newcomers from other farm management systems for your input. We look forward to hearing your feedback and further requests for HerdApp. We aim to have HerdApp always meeting our customers expectations and to strengthen all Irish farmers’ workflow.

HerdApp homepage

Please feel free to get in contact with our support team if you would like to see a feature added to HerdApp or need help with any aspect of HerdApp or compliance.

If you are considering moving over to AgriNet HerdApp, give us a call and we will accommodate the move. It’s easier than you think!

See more about sheep compliance on HerdApp here or click on the hashtags below.

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