All Cows Fertility at the Touch of a Screen

Record fertility, set targets

How many times have you gone looking for your cows due dates or spent time figuring out what cows were not bred yet?

Thanks to a live link between ICBF and AgriNet HerdApp all your herd information is easily available on your phone. Calving date, facility to record a heat, serve date, due pregnancy test date, calving date & dry date. All these dates update as soon as data is entered.

If you record a heat the female will show up on due to repeat list from day 18-24. If you have an AI technician serve the cow this will automatically show up on AgriNet HerdApp. For DIY AI you can enter the serve information in a matter of seconds. Once there is a serve recorded you will see all her data in the fertility tab. Expected calving date & dry off date.

If you pregnancy test via the milk sample at milk recording these results will automatically come through to AgriNet HerdApp. Fast forward to the cows due date, when she calves in, this sire information will automatically come up during calf registration. All these AI/Breeding lists are automatically compiled for the farmer.

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There are numerous fertility reports available, which can be printed if required. List can be based around heifer or cows or a mixture of both.
When you first sign up to AgriNet HerdApp all historical & current breeding information on ICBF will be auto-populated instantly.

As you progress through the breeding season and calving season fertility information is sorted into cows who have achieved 21-day submission rate, conception to 1st/2nd/3rd serve, cows served, 6 week in calf rate, 6 week calving rate, average lactation of herd. You can run a fertility performance report and see the results straight away in HerdApp.
AgriNet HerdApp is there to help by transforming data into useful reports at the touch of your screen.

AgriNet assisting Irish farmers manage herds for almost 30 years

AgriNet HerdApp is the new standard in farm herd management designed to link your herd directly to ICBF and Agfood from your smartphone. It’s all about speed and simplicity and getting all the basics done quickly while outside.

AgriNet Herd App is owned by Irish Farm Computers Ltd, based in Co. Meath who own AgriNet Herd Master the PC version of the herd management software. AgriNet have been catering to farmers herd management needs for the last 26 years. AgriNet have built up a quality team of customer support and sales staff along with a loyal customer base. Farmers can be reassured that HerdApp is tried, tested & trustworthy

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