HerdMaster Accounts

Track your money on a cash basis or track bills and invoices.
With HerdMaster Accounts you can track all data through the bank and do a bank reconciliation to make sure that all balances match.
A variety of reports are available for you, your farm adviser and your farm accountant.


How do I get started?

You can customise the pre-loaded list of expenses and assets to your business. 
Default enterprise splits can be allocated to each income and expense to help with enterprise reporting.
After you add your bank accounts, the software will track all your accounts, not just your current account. 

If you require assistance setting up HerdMaster Accounts, you can call the AgriNet support team 046-9245118 (9am - 9pm).

What do I need?

The main data needed are bank statements and cheque stubs.
If you want to track all bills from a large supplier, you will need to have this bill information available.
All trading statement data can be loaded electronically from co-op websites.



Milk cheques usually involve expenses and possibly loan repayments, this is well catered for in the HerdMaster Accounts software. A bank reconciliation process exists to help you check transactions that have cleared on the bank statement. This is guaranteed to be correct once data has been loaded electronically. HerdMaster Accounts can track VAT on a cash or invoice basis. The VAT reconciliation process allows you to track VAT records and make sure each record is only used once when communicating with Revenue. You can use the forecasting section to budget for the year to come and compare actual v budget as you progress through the year. 

The accounts software generates a variety of reports including enterprise analysis, profit & loss, item transaction, VAT reports, trial balance, nominal ledger, balance sheet, bank reconciliation. All reports can be exported to your farm accountant in either word or excel format. Agrinet are also happy to give a free copy of the software to your farm accountant, and help the accountant install and use the software. You can then give your accountant a full backup of your stock and financial records.


Keeping your animal and financial records up to date on the Agrinet HerdMaster software will allow you to create very accurate eProfit Monitor input sheets. The incomes and expenses in the AgriNet accounts can be quickly matched to the Teagasc eProfit Monitor Income and Expense codes. Stock numbers at the end of each month and stock movements during the year are also available especially for eProfit Monitor input sheets.