Selecting Cows for Dry off and Factors to Consider

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Drying Off Tips from Shane Leane, Progressive Genetics.

  1. Calving Date: Cows want minimum of 6-8 weeks to prepare for next lactation
  2. Lactation number: Focus on drying 1st lactation animals first 10-12 weeks dry to allow recovery. 
  3. Body condition Score: Aim to dry off at BCS 3.0 to 3.25. Additional feeding may be required for thin cows
  4. Silage Quality should be assessed to ensure cows will calve at correct BCS
  5. High SCC cows should be identified for treatment

Dry Off- Procedure

  • Do not during milking! – Mark & draft cows at milking for drying off when milking is finished
    • Consider marking cows in evening & drafting in morning so fewer mistakes are made
  • One person can dry off approx. 20 cows per hour
  • Wash out parlour between batches for hygiene
  • Gloves should be worn for hygiene
  • Disinfect all teats thoroughly
  • Use cotton wool soaked in meth or use wipes
  • Concentrate on teat end- Disinfect FAR to NEAR
  • Administer teat seal- NEAR to FAR
  • Teat seal administered last
  • With teat seal squeeze base as you administer & do NOT massage
  • Teat dip or spray immediately after treatment
  • Avoid cows lying down post treatment
  • Keep recently dried cows away from parlour so noises etc. don’t stimulate milk production

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