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Connecting your herd to your phone

The primary sync that AgriNet HerdApp uses is with ICBF. It provides a very rich dataset to get started with. This includes all animals, milk recording, movements, genetics, pedigree, weights, fertility data and much more. Click here to see how to handle ICBF data security.

Registering Calves

To register calves and to request movement permits, you need to inform Agfood that you plan to use AgriNet HerdApp for these jobs. Click here to see how to do this one time task.

Use Phone, Laptop and Tablet

AgriNet HerdApp is fully phone based, but it also makes very good use of bigger screens as well. We recommend you try AgriNet HerdApp on tablets and laptops as well. Click here to see how this is done.

Data Control

AgriNet HerdApp is a very powerful phone first app that will manage all compliance and management functions on your farm. Click here to see the many benefits of AgriNet HerdApp.

We are delighted to help you with any issue, big or small. Feel free to contact us at support@agrinet.ie or 046-9249964 or 046-9245118. We can help you get started efficiently and show you how to make fast progress. In the HerdApp home page, there is a button called “Just Ask?”, use this to send us a message after hours, and we will get back to you the following working day.


Click here to read about the new EU legislations for mandatory milk recording coming into play in 2022 and how HerdApp can be used to see the milk recording results and aid good decision-making.

Click here to read about using HerdApp for recording fertility and setting targets for 2022.

Click here if you are moving over to AgriNet HerdApp from another system.

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