The regular measurement of grass, combined with frequent movement of animals between paddocks, will definitely result in the farm growing more tonnes of a higher quality grass. Since grass is the cheapest form of feed this will result in higher farm profits and will help the farm cope during periods of low milk and beef prices.


HerdMaster is a full herd management system. As well as meeting all your legislative needs, such as calf registration and animal remedies, it has a focus on improved farm profitability in terms of beef margins, milk production, breeding data, fertility improvement and much more.


HerdMaster includes a farm accounts system that is tailor made for farming. It allows you to track your own finances as well as preparing data for your accountant, for your discussion group, and for Teagasc eProfit Monitor.


All AgriNet software is easy to use, and with some guidance from our experienced AgriNet support team, who all have over 15 years experience on AgriNet software, you will quickly be able to use the software.