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Benefits of using HerdApp
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Register Your Calves

Register a calf from the calving shed using your phone.

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Fast Weight Recording

Quickly weigh animals, compare against targets and split the performers from the non-performers.

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Get Movement Permits

Request a permit to move and receive animals into your herd.

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Money from beef

Get help buying the right animal. Use ‘what-if’ options to max output/day for each animal on the farm. After the sale, see how you got on

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Improve Your Herd Fertility

Know when your herd is due to calve, serve, repeat, scan, dry and much more.

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Record Animal Remedies

Record drugs as it happens, at the crush, or in the shed.

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Milk Recording

Instantly get milk recording and EBI data from ICBF. Monitor milk solids and SCC performance.

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Pass Your Inspection

Instantly access all your audit reports, on your phone, ready for your inspector.

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Get Help When You Need It

Receive help from our in house experts on app usage and passing inspections.

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Bulk Tank

Auto load milk tank data from dairy co-ops. Monitor milk solids and SCC performance.

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Approved by Bord Bia, Agfood, ICBF

Since HerdApp is only available in the Republic of Ireland, we create stronger connections with local organisations.

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Selective Dry Cow Therapy

Use SCC and mastitis data to split cows for dry cow tubes vs teat sealers.

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Works On Any Device

Responsive design allows the app to work across all devices at no additional cost.

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Reporting for dairy

Access all data for each animal from stock analysis to fertility analysis and more.

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Reporting for suckler beef

Instantly access all data for individual animals from vet inspection through to drug withdrawal and more.

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Reporting for beef finishers

Easily access all data needed for each individual animal from stock analysis to beef margins and more.

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Reporting for sheep

Instantly access all the sheep traceability data that is needed for your farm audits.

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Reporting for tillage

Easily access all the tillage traceability data that is needed for your farm audits.

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What Our Farmers Say
I would recommend HerdApp to any farmer that wants a time-saving and organised approach to managing their herd.
Mark Tully
Co. Louth
We've seen an improvement in our compact calving and accuracy when deciding if a cow is due to repeat. More cows are going in calf at the right time.
Harry Evans
Co. Meath
The continuous development of new technology is playing a huge part in making farms more efficient and appealing to workers.
Laura Hannon
Co. Meath
Since using AgriNet HerdApp I find the app brilliant. There is a great support service also.
Ciaran O'Shea
Co. Kilkenny
AgriNet HerdApp is a great app and a great service! The support from the team is second to none.
Ali Daly
Co. Meath
Farming and the way we record our information is evolving. HerdApp is really benefitting both animal and farmer in the long run.
Ciara Byers
Co. Cavan

Highly Rated by Users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started
How do I get started?

AgriNet HerdApp is available to download on Android and Apple devices. The app can also be accessed via a web browser on desktop and tablet devices.

For Android: Download here
For iPhone: Download here
For Desktop/Tablet: Click here

Does Agrinet HerdApp link to ICBF and Agfood?

Yes, there is a 2-way link with both ICBF and Agfood. Neither ICBF nor Agfood will release data unless you give them permission to do so. This ensures that you fully control your own data.

Click here for steps to manage your data security with ICBF.
Click here for steps to manage your data security with Agfood.

How much will AgriNet HerdApp cost me?

For pricing tailored to your herd size, click here.

Can I use AgriNet HerdApp for a Bord Bia or Department of Agriculture audit?

Yes, AgriNet HerdApp is fully compliant and is Bord Bia and Department of Agriculture approved for farm audits.

Is there support if I need help using the app?

Yes, AgriNet have been providing farm software since 1994 and we have an experienced team of people available to help you get the most from HerdApp. Contact us by phone, or send us a message directly from the app. We will revert back by email or phone.

Can I use AgriNet HerdApp on more than one device?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of devices you can use. There is no additional cost for extra devices. Click here for instructions on how to add Agrinet HerdApp to another device.

Do I need WiFi connection to use HerdApp?

AgriNet HerdApp is a cloud-based phone app, however, it works fully offline when there is no connectivity.

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