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Farm Better

Farm Better With Agrinet HerdApp

The farm app that allows you to manage your farm efficiently & improve profitability from the palm of your hand.

HerdApp delivers Real time herd management, instantly and from your pocket. Save time looking for the information you need, just act.

Farm Reports is your personal assistant in your pocket. No need to go looking for the data you need to get the job done, HerdApp has it all there and ready to go.

Realtime Herd Management
  • Manage feed groups
  • Batch dosing
  • High SCC cows
  • Due to calve & future calving pattern
  • Due to repeat & not yet served
  • Jobs diary
  • All staff see the right information
  • For your Accounts: Stock numbers
  • For your vet: Health Problem report
  • For your advisor: Fertility performance

Dairy herds can link their co-op milk supply to HerdApp. This intuitively knows how many cows are milking and provides a breakdown of litres of milk, KG MS, %F, %P, SCC. Displayed graphically for informed management decisions.

  • Easily check weight gain performance
  • Move animals between feed groups
  • Benchmark to target weights

View a selection of animals in the herd and quickly look up herd data, including cows due to calve, due to dry, due to serve, due to repeat dose, EBI, Eurostar and more.

Quickly & easily run numerous reports to aid management decisions on the spot.

HerdApp allows you to quickly flick between event data, milk recording data, fertility and beef animal data.

  • Data synced seamlessly with ICBF
  • When you start HerdApp all your herd history from ICBF is already there
  • All new data recorded on ICBF syncs automatically with your phone
  • All milk recording, pedigree data
  • All EBI & Eurostar ratings
  • Sire advice
  • AI technician serves logged*
  • Instant fertility analysis using recorded serves
  • Milk recording data
  • Suggests sires for birth registration from last serve

Farm Management

HerdApp offers fantastic tools for your farm management …

  • Easily see animals in drug retention
  • Register, request moves, record events as they happen, right from the yard.
  • Fertility analysis
  • Stock numbers & reconciliation

… and lots more

Calf Registration

Register calves in realtime from the calving shed to Agfood

  • Instant and hassle-free registrations
  • Track arrival of cards in the post
  • Simple calf registrations, scan each calf tag if you want, record calving difficulty, calf birth weight and pedigree in a matter of seconds
  • Sire details auto-populate from AI records
  • Apply for movement permits direct from the yard
  • Instantly send to Agfood

Easy Breeding Management

Tells you what you need to do and when to do it

AI Breeding

Record heats, serves and pregnancy tests – job list, animal report and herd report will automatically update.  Numerous fertility reports are available at a few taps.  AI serves from an AI technician will automatically sync from ICBF*.

AI Breeding

If you have heats recorded you will see what cows haven’t yet been in heat, see when cows are due to repeat and when cows are due pregnancy test.

Record As You Go

Run a fertility report to see how calving 2020 went.  See the predicted calving pattern for 2021.  Track progress on heifers and cows throughout the season.  Numerous reports readily available.

Dry Cow

SCC Control is made simple with HerdApp thanks to milk recording results which come in automatically.

  • All SCC results are clearly colour coded
  • If cases of mastitis are recorded there is even more data at hand to make informed decisions in relation to SCC
  • Selective Dry Cow report
  • Easily identify cows will low SCC that may not need antibiotics
  • Set your own thresholds to suit your farm

Bord Bia

Bord Bia compliance available at the click of a button!

  • Ready for inspections in seconds!
  • Instant reports on your phone
  • Animal mortality list is auto-populated
  • Simply hand your phone to the inspector, no need to print

Still want to print? Done in seconds from HerdApp on browser or phone

Bord Bia Records
  • Easy recording of drug usage, scan codes from box
  • Easy batch recording of dry off, dose etc
  • Record feed as it arrives on the farm
  • Record sprays and Herd Health plans for your inspector
Drug Cabinet
  • Quickly view all all drug purchases and usage
  • Ensure balance of drug purchases and usage
  • Scan code on drugs to capture data

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