How to Find the Needle in the Haystack using HerdApp

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Making better use of milk recording in HerdApp

Milk recording from Progressive Genetics and Munster Bovine provides great information to help farmers make better decisions for each cow in the herd. Agrinet HerdApp is ideally placed to help you with these decisions. As soon as the latest milk recording results are live in ICBF, they are also automatically synced to AgriNet HerdApp.

Farming and the way we record our information is evolving. HerdApp is really benefitting both animal and farmer in the long run.
Ciara Byers | Co. Cavan

HerdApp has a number of ways to make milk recording really useful. It makes the hassle and cost of doing the milk recording worthwhile.

One Animal

Milk tab displays all monthly milk recording results for the current lactation, and all completed lactation results back to the cows first lactation. HerdApp uses green, amber and red traffic light colours to show cows that are low, medium and high for SCC and each farmer can customise what each band means on their own farm.


Jobs List has a very simple report to count the high SCC cows from the latest test. Click on this number to see the cows involved. If you can see all your ‘millionaires’ coming to the top, it helps focus on a key milk quality issue. If you have say 12 cows with high SCC you can drill down to list these 12 cows, see all their information, and make a decision on each of them. For example, some could be consistently high for SCC and you can enter a ‘Plan to Cull’ record on HerdApp. Others might have had a recent case of mastitis (which can also be recorded on HerdApp) but such a cow may not yet be a repeat SCC offender.

When you look up milk recording on HerdApp and filter 10 worst cows, cull them and any troubles along with them are gone. Last year I culled 16%. By using HerdApp reports to drive on the good cow, production was up 6%.
Conor Maguire | Co. Cavan

Jobs List has a due to dry report what makes particularly strong use of milk recording SCC values. In here you can select cows with high SCC and 1 or more cases of mastitis and plan their dry cow period in a different manner. These cows may benefit from a longer dry period and/or treatment with dry cow tubes. Other cows with no recent mastitis and low SCC values can perhaps get a teat sealer only and a more regular dry cow period.

Information is worth so much when you’re farming. I have to arm myself with tools to help me stay on top of everything and HerdApp does that. I think every farmer should use it.
Linda Cliffe | Co. Wicklow

Herd reports

Milk allows all the data to be accessed for either monthly or completed lactations. In this manner you can look at cows with high and low kilos of milk solids for example, or look at your high protein and high yield cows.

Did you know?

Progressive Genetics can pregnancy test cows using the same milk sample that is used for fat, protein and SCC. It cannot tell you the days in calf but it is a stress free way to pregnancy test a cow and works well for cows served to AI. Progressive genetics can milk record in 99% of parlours. Trusted ELISA technology provides accurate results on par with palpation and ultrasound.

Milk recording can make a big difference to a herd, and AgriNet HerdApp is the tool to help you unlock the value in your milk recording data.

Faster Insights and Unlocking the Power of Your Data:

Milk recording results offer the farmer the opportunity to deepen their perspective of the herd by easily analysing which cows are producing the best quality and quantity of milk as well as which cows are adversely effecting the overall production value of the herd. HerdApp presents all of this data in a simple and intuitive format to empower farmers to make data-backed decisions that advance their herd.

Using HerdApp has a huge value to us. In many ways, it’s like having a dedicated person keeping records 365 days a year at the cost of only 1-2 days wages.
Team Hynes | Co. Cork

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